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Brutus Keychain Knife

Original price $5.85 - Original price $5.85
Original price
$5.85 - $5.85
Current price $5.85
Brutus is the only public safety bulldog keychain accessory that can be attached to keys or easily stowed away.
Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, this keychain accessory is so strong it will give you the power of steel wrapped in a defenseless-looking dog-shaped keychain accessory.
Guard yourself against unwanted advances: put your fingers through the eyes of Brutus and watch the tips of his ears transform into pointed jabbers that will keep any attacker at bay.
Suggested Retail: $9.95
Available in several different colors. You can protect yourself in black, pink, purple, and neon yellow. Make Brutus your own personal guard dog today!
Product Features:
•Fits on Keyring - Stylish Accessory •Great Detailed Design •Eyeholes Fit Most Fingers •ABS Plastic - Impact Resistant Material •As Strong as Metal