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Are you planning a campsite trip and you need all the equipment and accessories related to camping? Then Strategic Survival is the answer to all your camping related queries. We are your one-stop shop for everything tactical goods. Strategic Survival offers you the best range of tactical goods and gear to ensure a successful mission, backed by a world-class customer service team and expert know-how. We designed our online store from the bottom up with police enforcement and public safety professionals in mind. Why? Because we believe you are deserving of your own personalized online shopping experience. It is an adventure in which you will find the finest bargains on the most cutting-edge tactical gear available.


Tent Accessories

It is never a bad idea to plan ahead. You need gear that can handle anything, whether you are planning a weekend camping trip or preparing for hurricane season. We have a lot of wonderful camping and survival choices. It is critical to have products that are sturdy, protect you from the elements, and are simple to transport. We have lightweight and small cots, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags for convenient transport and storage. We also provide ready-to-eat meals with a long shelf life and minimal preparation time. Without paracord, the versatile, high-tensile strength cord that can be used for practically anything, no camping pack, go-bag, or storm shelter would be complete. Do not be caught off guard. Equip yourself with long-lasting, high-quality gear.

Public safety employees, military people, hikers, hunters, and anybody else preparing for an emergency need tough, action-oriented gear. They are in trouble if their equipment cannot stand up to the task, no matter how mentally prepared they are for dangerous operations, hazardous surroundings, or emergency scenarios. That is why we provide high-quality, tactically sophisticated equipment. An item must be able to perform in a pinch, no matter how small or inconsequential it appears. Everything from chest rigs to handcuff cases to water bottles can be found in our broad collection. We provide a variety of customized holsters, backpacks, and boxes for safely transporting your gear. Knives and multi-tools, protective eyewear, tactical lighting, optics, and much more are all available. For tactically advanced equipment that holds up in extreme situations, you came to the right place.


You can add a homey feel to your next camping adventure with camping and outdoor equipment and accessories from Strategic Survival. We have a wide selection of tent accessories which includes waterproof mat, waterproof camping tent, water bag, tactical folding knives and survival tool. Whether you are planning to travel to the countryside or the dense forests, you need to have basic equipment to survive. Our tent accessories will allow you to have comfort even in such places.

This article will help you organize your accessories so you take all the essentials that you require in your tent on your campsite trip.

How to organize your camping tent?

You need to have an outdoor camping tent storage bag, strong nylon rope, tent accessories equipment pegs, tent canopy wind rope fixing clips, and hook nails for outdoor camping deck etc. These are the essentials which will allow you to have a strong and steady tent and they make sure that the tent stays in its perfect position and condition even during extreme weather conditions.

After assembling and fixing your tent, you will need to have a sleeping bag and mat. We at Survival Strategic offer waterproof camping and outdoor essentials which includes tent accessories as well. Sleeping mats and bags are significant to a camping trip as they make a huge difference. You need to get good night’s sleep when you are travelling or on a vacation to be fresh and healthy. It may not be possible to get sleep due to the discomfort that you face on your trips or maybe due to the excitement but with our sleeping mats and sleeping bags you can have that comfort with you even on the most rigid places. Our sleeping mats and sleeping bags come in waterproof versions too.


Compasses Magnetic and FRS/GMRS radios are also extremely essential for a camping trip. Compasses can help you with navigation, location and directions as it is very important to know about your directions especially if you are camping on a forest area so you do not lose your way while you are hunting or maybe just hiking around and need to come back to your camp. Similarly, radios can be helpful and a source of leisure and entertainment for your during your camping trip. Radios can allow you to connect with your other fellow campers or listen to different commentaries or even music to spend time.

Last but definitely not the least, portable toilet that is available on the website of Strategic Survival. By keeping a portable toilet with you at all times during your camping trip you can make things easier for you a lot. There are times during the camping trips when toilets and restrooms are not available and it can be a hassle to use public restrooms or wait in long queues. Portable toilets will allow you to save time and have the comfort to use restroom whenever without any discomfort. Furthermore, portable toilets are very easy to carry around due to its small travel size.


Strategic Survival | Get All you need for Adventure 

Strategic Survival offers you the finest quality products with one of the widest ranges available on internet. They provide shipping anywhere in the North America. In addition to the nationwide shipping, they have a very easy return policy. If you are not 100% satisfied and in love with the product you can send it back totally without any sort of hassle and we will either refund or send you another product all according to your demand. Lastly, if you have any type of questions regarding the products or if you need guidelines about the tactical tools, you can just email or connect with us on social media. As your go to tactical accessories, we got answers to all your queries!

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