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Survival tools you need for camping | Strategic Survival

Survival tools you need for camping | Strategic Survival

Are you trying to figure out what tools you need for camping? If yes, this article is just for you. Strategic Survival provides you with all the survival gear and guidelines that you need for a successful hiking or camping trip. You will find the finest survival tools at our shop approved by police enforcement and many public safety specialists. They have plenty of tactical tools such as tactical bags, telescopic fishing poles, tactical folding knives, camping shovels, and camping axes.

Now here are some of the essential survival tools you cannot afford to forget on your trip.

  1. Knives

Knives are key to your survival in the wilderness. They can raise the chance of your survival to 70% due to their various uses. You can use it for food, cutting branches, making traps, or protecting yourself during a confrontation with an animal. Kizer knives are known internationally for their high-end craft that gives them efficiency and sharpness. Multi-purpose knives are an excellent option for regular campers but do not buy a cheap multi-purpose knife or you will get frustrated the first time that you need to gut a fish or handle any other precision task. You can find these knives at your online shop.

  1. Compass 

The only way to find your way back home if you are lost is with a compass. Of course, you should know your directions for that. It is vital if you are going on a solo trip or if you are unfamiliar with the area. Also, get a map and learn to read it with a compass, and you will never lose your way. Many smartphones, smartwatches, and GPS devices are equipped with electronic compasses but it is always more convenient to carry a standard compass. It is lightweight and will not rely on batteries and is also waterproof.

  1. Signaling device 

A signal mirror can be viewed by airplanes miles away. Be sure to flash it in some kind of pattern to get the pilot’s attention. You can also flash SOS. Another way to signal can be a whistle. If your phone is dead or does not have reception, a single sharp blow will get someone’s attention. This is all good for daytime but you will need flashlights during night time along. Flashlights with solar batteries will be best in the woods. Clearance outdoor solar lights are also great illumination around your tent. You can cover the bulb of the flashlight and uncover it at regular intervals to give out a signal in the night along with whistling. The light will also keep animals away.

Smoke is pretty great for signaling. Green leaves have moisture in them. So burning them will produce a lot of smoke. But if you do not throw them in the fire soon enough they will extinguish it before it has a chance to burn through.

  1. First Aid kit 

The woods are filled with unexpected illnesses. This is why it is best said, “Prevention is better than cure.” In case you get injured, it is best to have anti-bacteria ointments and cotton gauze to close the wound. Another medication you should have in the First Aid Kit is painkillers unless you want to bear the pain of a broken bone. 

Moreover, you will want to carry bring along any prescription medications you may need during the trip. Your first aid kit should reflect the number of people with you. So adjust the quantities of medicines accordingly.

Took Kit
  1. Fire Maker 

As far as outdoor power equipment parts and accessories go, fire starters are vital. Fire will provide you with many benefits. It provides heat, safety from wild animals, and helps with cooking. Campers usually use matches, a cigarette lighter or a magnesium fire starter, flint, and steel to start a fire. If you wish to take matches with you, make sure they are waterproof. Also, be sure to bring an electronic fire starter just in case along with a little kindling like dry bark or strips of newspaper. Fire starters are light, durable, and don’t use much space.

  1. Tent and Sleeping Bag 

If you are going to camp for a long time, it is best to have waterproof tents and sleeping bags. It is time-saving and energy-saving. This way you do not need to build a shelter. The tent needs to be durable and can endure moderate changes in temperature. A sleeping bag will provide extra comfort and warmth. They come in a variety of ranges and will be valuable for cold regions.

  1. Rope 

The original multi-tool, the rope has many purposes. It will make your life on the trail or campground a lot easier. If you are planning to swim and fish, besides putting on a life vest, a rope will also help in preserving your life. If someone falls overboard or loses control in the water, you can tow them in.

Camping Rope
  1. Backpack 

If it has not occurred to you already you will need a bag to carry all these tools on your journey. You should use a tactical backpack instead of a usual one to store all the tactical and survival tools. These bags are specifically designed to resist friction and have assigned space for each tool. This helps distribute the weight evenly and spare you any back pain. Tactical bags also have chest straps and waist straps which provide additional stability too.

When it comes to food, you can take a wok with an outdoor wok burner and an outdoor cooking pit. You should have a large reservoir of water in the tent. A water bag is best suited for that. Campers often like to take tactical tools such as pirate telescopes, telescopic fishing poles, vivitar telescope, and waterproof mats you can get them at our website.

Strategic Survival delivers you products of exceptional quality at one of the best prices available on the internet. You can ask us anything related to camping at our email or any social media pages and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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