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Are you planning a campsite trip and you need all the equipment and accessories related to camping? Then Strategic Survival is the answer to all your camping related queries. We are your one-stop shop for everything tactical goods. Strategic Survival offers you the best range of tactical goods and gear to ensure a successful mission, backed by a world-class customer service team and expert know-how. We designed our online store from the bottom up with police enforcement and public safety professionals in mind. Why? Because we believe you are deserving of your own personalized online shopping experience. It is an adventure in which you will find the finest bargains on the most cutting-edge tactical gear available.

Preparing ahead of time is always a good idea. Whether you're going on a weekend camping trip during a rainy season or getting ready for hurricane season, you will need gear that can take anything. There are many great camping and survival options available to us. Sturdy, weather-resistant, and easy-to-transport items are essential. For easy transportation and storage, we have tiny and lightweight cots, sleeping mats, and sleeping bags. We also offer shelf-stable, quick-to-prepare meals. No camping pack, go-bag, or storm shelter would be complete without paracord, a versatile, high-tensile strength cord that can be used for just about anything. Don't be taken aback by the unexpected. Make sure you have high-quality, long-lasting gear.

Planning and preparing your tactical bag for camping during rainy season can be a lot different than the usual routine. You need to make sure that everything you have packed in your bag is water resistant or waterproof. From the bag itself to all the essentials inside it, everything needs to be on point and water proof.

In this article, we will prepare you like a true survivalist for camping in rainy season.

Camping Tent

Be prepared for rainy camping

If it rains while you're camping, you'll need the correct gear to keep the effects of the weather to a minimum. Warm gear, such as raincoats, gumboots, beanies, and gloves, are among the goods you'll need to bring. In addition, bring a spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag in case of an emergency. Old towels are ideal for wiping up any water, and rain ponchos may be your closest friend. Take numerous tarpaulins, as the dependable tarp not only keeps the rain out but also keeps the wind out (and the sun if you manage to catch a glimpse of it). Be prepared with a large supply of plastic bags and ziplock bags; you will always need them when it rains. They are also inexpensive, take up little space, and are quite light. If the weather prevents you from cooking a big winter meal, you will need some backup food options.

Is your tent completely waterproof?

A water resistant tent, complete with a rain flap, is another essential equipment. However, it's pointless to discover after the fact that your tent isn't watertight. Before you leave, simply put it up in the backyard and give it a little spray with the garden hose to see how it works. If it turns out that your tent is damaged, this short step will spare you a lot of sorrow. Check our website for Waterproof Tent and Tent Accessories.

Camping Tent

Consider the optimum location for your tent when it's pouring

When you visit Strategic Survival’s website, take a look around and decide where you want to pitch your tent. Are there any water puddles nearby? Is the tent set up on the most level ground possible? Will your tent pegs be able to withstand the weight of the ground? Make careful to cover the tent with a waterproof tarp both underneath and above it. Because having ventilation in your tent is vital for preventing condensation, draping a tarp over it should help keep rain out of the tent's 'windows.' Keep your bedding and other objects away from the tent walls if it rains, since this will prevent water from leaking inside. This technique is based on science, but all you need to know is that taking this easy move could help you avoid ruining your camping trip. Literally.

When it's pouring, be cautious

If Mother Nature unleashes a storm of epic proportions, though, don't be afraid to call it a day. Other than a possible trip to the hospital for hypothermia or anything equally catastrophic, there are no incentives for striving to resist the harshest of weather. You do not have to leave early if you are prepared and want to visit parks, with a wide selection of cabin accommodations such as resort rooms, flats, cottages, chalets, villas, and more.

When it's raining, plan indoor activities

It is critical to keep yourself and your family entertained if you are camping in the rain. Books, periodicals, a deck of cards, and a board game are all excellent items to carry with you when camping in inclement weather. You can enjoy a variety of rainy day activities, such as visiting one of the parks with indoor or heated pools, or venturing out to see museums, art galleries, or caverns. All you have to do now is utilize your imagination!

Camping Tent

If your camping gear is wet, dry it out

When you go home, make sure you dry off your tent and any other moist gear. This will prevent these items from becoming smelly or damaged, and they will be ready to use the next time you go camping.

Have a good laugh about it

Do not let a rainy campsite dampen your spirits. If it starts to rain, keep a cheerful attitude and accept the obstacles it brings. It is only rain, after all. Sure, it is inconvenient, but so is everything in life. And if you made it through that, you can handle a few droplets of water. Furthermore, even if you do not enjoy it at the moment, camping in the rain will almost certainly result in amazing stories and unforgettable memories.

Strategic Survival offers you the finest quality products with one of the widest ranges available on internet. They provide shipping anywhere in the North America. In addition to the nationwide shipping, they have a very easy return policy. If you are not 100% satisfied and in love with the product you can send it back totally without any sort of hassle and we will either refund or send you another product all according to your demand. Lastly, if you have any type of questions regarding the products or if you need guidelines about the tactical tools, you can just email or connect with us on social media. As your go to tactical accessories, we got answers to all your queries!

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