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How to pack your tactical bag like a true survivalist?

How to pack your tactical bag like a true survivalist?

Are you looking for a perfect way to pack your Tactical Bag? If yes, then you have come to the right place. You will have all your queries answered by the end of this article for sure.

A tactical bag is what differentiates a survivalist from every other hikers. As a matter of fact, it can be the difference between your success and failure because tactical packing requires tactical thinking on your part, which is the one skill that every survivalist has.

Before we get into how to pack your tactical bag, we should talk about why you need a tactical bag in the first place.

Why is a tactical bag important?

It might seem ridiculous to get worked up about a bag as a survivalist, but there are many reasons for it. 

A tactical bag allows you to pack more supplies than a simple bag. It doesn’t mean that you should fill your bag with unnecessary items. But you will benefit from the extra food supplies and tactical items if you are ever in need of them.

tactical items

In situations of danger, one moment can make all the difference. A well-organized bag will allow you to access your gear in a split second. Tactical packing allows you to distribute the weight of contents of your bag evenly. This spares you of any back pain and you travel longer and faster. 

Not to mention, many tactical bags today have prebuilt emergency features including radio communication, nozzles, and hydration bladders for water.

What do you need for a tactical bag?

First of all, you will need outdoor power equipment parts and accessories such as clearance outdoor solar lights and an outdoor cooking pit. Outdoor lighting will make you feel safe and relaxed. Solar lights are your best bet. You can leave them charging during the day and use them during the night. So, you need to search for the best solar lights and see where you can buy them.

To cook the food you can take a wok and an outdoor wok burner. A wok is probably the perfect pan for your adventures in the woods. They are usually easy to carry due to their lightweight. As a matter of fact, a wok is best if you are looking forward to cooking a diverse range of foods. You can easily make stews and stir fry, deep fry or even steam your food.

Tectical Kit


As far as survival tools go a first aid kit is a must. We recommend you create your first aid kit by yourself and not buy any premade ones. Building one yourself will give you an intimate knowledge of what is in it and how it is used. In our experience, premade kits have a lot of stuff you are very unlikely to ever need, or at least not in the quantity they have. A better thing to do will be to buy a premade first aid kit and take extra stuff out. You can add things too. For scrapes and cuts, you need band-aids and antibiotic ointment. Feel free to add any survival tools. You will also need gauze pads for big wounds, alcohol pads to disinfect wounds, splints to support fractures, and steri strips for open wounds.

Whether you are camping with family, exploring the woods or backpacking along a mountain trail building a fire is the most essential of tasks. It can be particularly hard to do if the weather is rainy and cold. In that case, a simple pack of matches or a lighter will not do. That’s why you need a fire starter. You will also need to chop wood so don’t forget to bring a camping axe. A camping axe should weigh 1.5 to 2.25 pounds. If you are not experienced with it, it is better to do some practice beforehand. 

camping knife is another essential tool for your tactical bag. So much so that around 35 million US households have outdoor or a pocket knife. When you are going somewhere as unpredictable as the wilderness, it is best to keep a good knife with yourself. It can be used to prep wood, food or to defend yourself. However, you can’t just take any knife. Choosing the right knife or tactical folding knife is usually a personal decision. Find a tool that has features that align with your skills and the type of tasks you are planning to perform and is the right size for your kit.


If you ask us a Kizer knife will be best. Kizer knives is a Chinese high-end sport knife manufacturer. Every knife is made by a master cutler perfecting every fit, edge, and sharpness. They are committed to high-end workmanship.

And now we come to the final things, shelter and water. As for the shelter, get a sleeping bag, a tent, and a shovel. Whether you like sleeping under the stars, you should always have a tent or some other shelter with you just in case. A sudden rainstorm, snowstorm, or just heavy dew will leave you at a risk of hypothermia. Also take other necessary shelter accessories such as rope, tent poles, camping shovel, a rainfly, and stakes.

Lastly, take essentials like toilet paper, a portable toilet, and clothes suitable for the weather of the area.

We here at Strategic Survival offer you all the gear you will ever need for a successful camping or hiking trip. It can be a sturdy, reliable bag for carrying all your things, sleeping gear such as sleeping bags and tents, camping kitchen equipment and utensils, or other amazing outdoor accessories. You can rely on our comprehensive camping gear collection. If you have any queries or need guidelines related to camping in general, feel free to send us an email. You can also get in touch with us on our social media pages and we will answer all of your questions. 

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